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Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Founding date:
June 28, 2004


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Xform Games is an independent developer of actionpacked 3D games, known for their no-bullshit attitude.


Early history

Xform was founded in 2004 by two guys that met in college (HKU), Pieter Albers and Diederik Groesbeek. Creative old-school guys with a love for classic action games that they played on their Commodore Amiga. And so they set out to create these kinds of action games themselves, but in a more epic 3D fashion. Their first big game together was a thirdperson shooter called 'The Hammer' (made with Virtools). An ambitious attempt to bring GTA3 to the browser. Although groundbreaking at the time, they struggled at first, since the world was not yet ready for such awesomeness. They had to work long hours and do some less-epic non 3d games for clients to make ends meet.

After that

Over the years the team grew, and so did their portfolio of games and clients. They created lots of games like Burnin' Rubber, Traffic Slam and Rally Point using Shockwave 3D technology. It became clear that the webgame audience never seems to get tired of 3d games with cars and explosions! Later, they adapted the Flash 3D technology 'Away 3D', and the popular Unity 3D game engine. Proving Xform is not dependent on one particular technology platform to make games with explosions. They now have their permanent headquarters set up in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Although plans do exist for a gigantic black tower-of-doom in the Etten-Leur area.


At this moment Xform is making its way onto the mobile platforms, as perhaps maybe the very last game company on earth. Being a smaller company, bringing games to mobile is a pretty risky undertaking for a couple of guys that do not live with their parents anymore. To make things even worse, the audience on mobile is even more demanding and unforgiving than the audience on the web. Recently, they've released Rally Point 3, Wungi Pirates and Rhino Rush Stampede with varying success. 2014 saw the release of titles like Super Hammer, Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn, Man Or Monster, World Soccer Forever, HydroStorm 2, GO Kart Go! Ultra and Gladiator True Story.



Our flagship title, Burnin' Rubber 5 YouTube

Our upcoming game, Super Hammer YouTube

An overview of our recent games YouTube

Rhino Rush Stampede! YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (11MB)

There are far more images available for Xform Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Dutch Game Award Nomination " - Burnin' Rubber 5, October 2013
  • "Dutch Game Award Winner" - Red Bull Formula Face, 22 November 2012
  • "Dutch Game Award Nominations" - Burnin' Rubber 3 and Adidas Neighborhood, November 2010
  • "Shockwave.com Online Game Of The Year" - Burnin' Rubber 4, Summer 2010
  • "DMA Best Of Show" - Adidas Neighborhood, Summer 2010

Selected Articles

  • "It's 'world domination or bust' according to the gang at Shockwave.com and they aren't kidding. With slow motion explosions and killer combat racing Burnin' Rubber 3 is an amazing release from the exceptional developers at Xform Games."
    - Allen Partridge - Technology Evangelist Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Blog
  • "The guys who made this should be imprisoned."
    - Fan Commenting On Game, Shockwave.com
  • "Honestly this game tied the Twisted Metal in all its course, but the end, the end is amazing, worthy of many awards, the creator is fit to continue making more games of this style and better too, I admit I am a big fan of all the saga of "Twisted Metal" but the end of this game I leave behind all end all MEtal Twisted. (sorry if there is an error, I speak Spanish and Google translator is not very accurate)."
    - Fedepoo - Commenting on Burnin' Rubber 5, Kongregate.com

Xform Games Portal
Check out all the games we've made here! http://www.xformgames.com/.

Xform Games Youtube Channel
Too lazy to play? View our games here! youtube.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Pieter Albers
CEO, Co-founder, Programmer

Diederik Groesbeek
CEO, Co-founder, Game Designer

Matthew Groen
Former Senior Artist

Joep Peters
Former Technical Artist

Stijn Stiefelhagen
Former Programmer

Melvin Mukrab
Former Audio and Animation

Michael Ruitenbeek
Former Junior Programmer

Eugene Ruitenbeek
Former Junior Artist

Sonic Picnic
Audio Studio

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